There’s Something Wrong…

Martin Muiruri’s Story about MS.

Playing football in the mid-nineties, I realized that my right power leg was kicking the ball without any strength, like a small boy. Little did I know that these were the early signals that my body was trying to tell me that there was a serious problem. Living life in the ‘fast lane’, I had no time to go for a medical check-up; especially after there were whispers that I had HIV/Aids.  In January 2002, against all odds, I decided to go for an HIV/Aids test but I really didn’t feel like going for the results – maybe because I had come to believe the gossip that was going around. A week later, I found myself in the doctor’s office, who did not take it very well that I was late for my results. Holding my heart in my hand, I felt that the doctor was speaking in slow motion as he told me that I did not have HIV/Aids.


“So, what was the problem?”, I thought to myself. Or maybe what others said was true, maybe I was bewitched! Thank God for our medical experts. I was asked to have a lumber puncture done to assess what was really going on the inside i. e. my nerves and different cells of my body. Since my sight was diminishing, I was ready for anything.

After the results came back from the United Kingdom the neurologist I was seeing at the time confirmed that I had a certain form of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) that had no cure. Something happened at the neurologist’s office and I started hearing my own things. By the time I got home, I knew I had had MS for ten (10) years. Where that thought came from, to this day, I do not know. One thing I know is that instead of committing suicide, I knew about Jesus and heaven. Oh yes! I had heard about hell also. And I had heard enough to enlighten me that I would need to receive Jesus immediately! Whether it was going to be the donkey that witnessed to Balaamk, I was so ready to receive Jesus Christ, as my Lord and Saviour!

My new life in Christ was is still amazing!

Support system

On July 5th 2008, I got married to my best friend, Robai. She has been with me through all my ups and downs, mostly downs, medically. Sometime in May 2010, I had a relapse, and I remember pleading with Robai to let me die. This was by far the lowest I had ever been. Again, I have to stop here and tell you that we all need a great support system or people. As I look at her now doing some tailoring, I smile with teary eyes as I ask God again why He blessed me with such an awesome friend.

I have lost two (2) people that I knew who were diagnosed with MS. Before you start feeling bad for any of us who have MS, how many people have died since 2002? MS is ONLY another incurable disease. Those who have it have learnt to love life differently.

The bottom line is that God is in charge! If I knew then what I know now, I would still choose to have this dreadful and currently incurable disease according to human standards. God is good. As difficult as it is living with MS, the burden was halved when my best-friend agreed to be my wife. This MS journey can be won, not by looking to the left/right/inside, but ONLY by looking up, where God is.

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