My MS Journey

Denis Gitonga’s Story.

denis-gitonga-photoThe journey begins in the year 2000 when I began to experience tremors.  This prompted me see my physician who referred me to a neurologist.  The neuro asked me to do a series of tests and the only thing that stood out was my blood pressure and my uric acid.  I was given medication to treat this.  The tremors stopped and the neuro advised that I should exercise, in case I wasn’t doing so already.

Fast track to 2009 May, I began to lose my balance. This time I saw a different neuro who suggested I do an MRI and a spine tap.  This confirmed I had MS and I was put on medication.  In 2010, I went to India for a second opinion:  “Yes, you have MS,” they said. They put me on treatment and vitamins.

My experience

Having MS is not a good experience.  It gets you worried about how did you get it or is it genetic.  The trouble is that professionals don’t have most answers to your concerns.

It is a condition that “wastes you.”. You spend a good chunk of your time pend most times worrying about achieving goals you set in life.  And there is the tendency to  forget appointments or the “things to do” list.  The use of a third leg (walking crutch) draws attention to you – Is your leg ok?” they ask.

I am not able to lift my girls because of the fear of dropping them or worse, that I would end up fallng.  Going down the stairs, a sharp steep or step is challenge.  Another concern is disability.  To counter this, I do some do some physiotherapy.

A big challenge is I can’t make my family breakfast or stand in a queue to pay a bill because I can’t stand for too long.  This causes the fatigue effect.  Hot showers are also out of the question.  I am fortunate that my work does not involve walking a lot.  When I have flu or cold I get it treated quickly.

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